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Prize Quiz Rules

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Prize quiz "Fun camping stories" rules and conditions

Article 1.

Top Camping d.o.o., Pionirska 1, Poreč, Croatia, organizes the prize quiz "Fun camping stories" for promotional purposes, and it takes place exclusively on the social network profiles of Top Camping.

Article 2.

The prize quiz lasts from 01.02.2023. up to and including 28.02.2023. until 10:00 a.m.

The prize quiz rules will be published on

Article 3.

All persons older than 18 years have the right to participate in the prize quiz.

The prize quiz will be held through four posts on the Instagram profile, where you have to describe a fun event from a camping holiday in Croatia through comments on the posts of Top Camping Croatia.

The organizer will select one winner for a seven-day stay for two persons in a mobile home in June 2023, at Camp Olive Garden Jadrija Resort Sibenik and announce the winner in a post on the Instagram profile.

The organizer reserves the right to amend the rules for the purpose of correcting possible new unfair actions that harm the spirit of the competition and its stakeholders.

The quiz participants assume full responsibility for messages and invitations to participate in the prize quiz to third parties. The organizer does not support sending spam messages in any form.

If requested by the administrative authorities of the Republic of Croatia or institutions that control spam messages by Internet service providers, the Organizer reserves the right to provide these authorities, institutions or service providers with information about participants who are accused of sending spam messages.

Article 4.

The user who participates in the prize quiz accepts the rights and obligations of this

Ordinance and agrees to these rules and conditions of use.

Article 5.

Employees of the organizer and their families cannot participate in the prize quiz.

Article 6.

Prize fund:

Seven days stay for two people in a mobile home in June 2023, in Camp Olive Garden Jadrija Resort Sibenik.

The prize is not exchangeable for money.

Article 7.

The organizer will select one winner and announce the winner in an Instagram post. Only people who wrote the required answer in the comment can win the prize. The expert jury of Top Camping d.o.o. decides on the award winner.

If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, the winner loses the right to the prize, and the next winner who answered the quiz question is entitled to a prize.

Article 8.

By registering and participating in this prize quiz, participants agree to the publication of their name by the Organizer and authorize it to use their personal data without the right to any compensation, all for the purpose of the public announcement of the results of the prize quiz as well as the publication of reports or similar materials related to the prize quiz and its results.

The organizer will take all reasonably necessary measures to ensure that the personal data of participants in the prize quiz are processed and used securely and in accordance with GDPR regulations.

Article 9.

At the moment of receiving the prize, i.e. signing the confirmation of receipt of the prize, all further obligations of the Organizer towards the winner of the prize cease.

Prize collection will take place in agreement with the Organizer.

Article 10.

The organizer reserves the right to change the rules without prior notice.

In the event of a dispute between the organizer and the participants of this prize quiz, the Municipal Court in Poreč is competent.

In Poreč, 07.01.2023.