Misure sanitarie nei campeggi - versione inglese

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Health measures in campsites

Dear guests,

Our aim is primarily to make both staff and guests as safe and as protected as possible, but also to assure that you spend carefree holidays in a safe environment. So, we bring some of the basic measures prescribed for Croatian camps at the national level.

    • First step is physical distancing same as for public spaces. It is necessary to comply with the physical distancing rules of 1.5 meters in the entire camp area (at the reception, tables in hospitality facilities, on the beaches, e.g. deckchairs, parasols, in the queues in front of bars, shops, kiosks, ice cream coolers, and similar).
    • Disinfectant. It is necessary to place disinfectant dispensers (alcohol-based with a concentration of no less than 70% or other agent with declared virucidal properties and which is safe on skin) at the entrance to the camp/marina indoor areas (reception, sports and recreational facilities, shops, kiosks, payment desk).
    • Reception. The check-in/check-out process should last no longer than 15 minutes. The online applications and reservations should be encouraged (an option is to find the technical capabilities to directly register the guest to eVisitor), contactless payment, advance payment, self-scanning of documents and similar. (where applicable and possible). Check-out. Guests should be advised to announce their check-out from the marina and camp in advance so that the invoice can be prepared in time and thus unnecessary waiting at the reception desk is avoided.
    • Sanitary facility must be cleaned, disinfected and ventilated every two hours (and more frequently if necessary), and there will be an increase number of employees responsible for the daily cleaning of each sanitary facility.
    • Serving food and beverages. It is recommended, wherever possible, for the guests to be served at the table. In the event of a buffet service, where technically feasible, it is recommended that the serving of food and beverage is conducted in such a manner that guests are not able to take food on their own if it is not portioned out. During their stay at a facility, and especially during buffet service, it is recommended that guests keep a physical distance of 1.5 meters, aside from members of the same family in which case this measure is not necessary.