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Camping sites open all year in Croatia

All year campsites in Croatia

Campsites that are open all year round offer the flexibility to enjoy outdoor activities and camping during any season. These campsites typically have facilities and amenities that are suitable for use during all seasons, such as heated bathrooms and showers, and may also offer additional amenities such as on-site cafes or shops. Many campsites that are open all year round are located in areas with scenic beauty. Camping during the off-season can also be a great way to enjoy quieter, less crowded campsites and to take advantage of special offers and deals that are often available during the off-peak season.

Yes, we are a year-round destination, so many campsites in Croatia are open all year round. While summer is the most popular season to visit, with the peak months of July and August, the rest of the year offers some undeniable extras, too! Here is what every season in Croatia delivers:

  • Visit us during summer for many sunny, dry days with elevated sea temperatures. The vibrant Adriatic coast offers many exciting experiences and chances to soak up the sun.
  • Autumn displays magical colors with milder temperatures, ideal for enjoying many nature's fruits, the season of young wine, olive oil, prosciutto, and truffles. Lower temperatures are great for uncovering hiking and cycling trails and engaging in many outdoor activities.
  • Winter camping in Croatia offers peace and serenity to appreciate the remote experience of a calmer life rhythm, offering the chance to reconnect with yourself and restore your energy levels. Nature still boasts impressive views and experiences but with low outdoor and sea temperatures.
  • Spring for camping is perfect for all early birds that don't mind milder temperatures and colder sea swims. Nature rewards you with new greenery, so it's an ideal way to kickstart your summer.

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