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Lika - Senj region

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Camping destinations in Lika

The attractiveness of the Lika-Senj County is primarily based on its peculiar spatial structure. Here, at short distances, picturesque surface and underground karst formations alternate with rich flora and rare animal species, and the cleanest part of the Adriatic waters with karst springs, lakes and trout mountain waters. In this unique mix of elements, there are many natural sights, due to which this area rightfully deserves the epithet of an open-air natural history museum.

Such a mosaic of space is determined above all by the mountain range of Velebit, its size and position, where many natural and cultural-historical sights are gathered. Most of its most attractive contents are connected by the unique fifty-kilometer long Premužić trail. As a natural phenomenon of distinctive relief and vegetation values, the entire mountain is protected as a nature park and included in the UNESCO list of biosphere reserves. Narrower areas within the nature park are set aside as national parks – Paklenica and Sjeverni Velebit.

Breathtaking Scenery

The Plitvice Lakes area, declared a national park, is one of the most beautiful natural sights in Europe. It is a wooded mountain region through which, one below the other, sixteen beautiful lakes and ponds of crystal blue-green color. Many rivers and streams fill them with water, they are connected to each other by sparkling cascades and forest waterfalls. Over the millennia, the water of these lakes breached, eroded and dissolved the rocks and beds through which it flowed. Every year, more and more people interested in an active holiday come in the Lika-Senj region.

Loaded with History

On the slopes of Velebit, there is a refuge for young bears in the village of Kuterevo. The sanctuary is a unique project of its kind in the world, and it currently houses eight bears that are separated from visitors by a fence that enables peace and the necessary development. Kuterevo can be visited throughout the year, with a note that bears hibernate from November to early spring, so it is not possible to see them during that period.

The most important settlement in Podgorica has always been Senj, which connects the Kvarner islands and the western Pannonian area. The old city center is a living museum, the City Museum has several permanent exhibits, and there are few visitors to Senj who have not visited the Nehaj fortress. In the summer months, Senj is full of tourist events, so at the beginning of July, the event Uskočki dani takes place. With this event of revived history, we reconstruct events from that time, clothing, customs and food of that time. A fair of traditional crafts is held, as well as a presentation of life in medieval Senj.

A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Lika is becoming an interesting destination for those tourists who want to explore new paths and discover still unexplored areas. From the offer of active tourism, cycling has been developed in almost all destinations in the region, while the rest of the offer depends on the geographical location of the destination as well as the time of year in which a certain area is visited. So today, trekking or trail races (mountain running on marked trails), adventure races, all the way to mountaineering, climbing Velebit or visiting caves under the guidance of speleologists, etc., are increasingly popular.

A Culinary Expedition

The continental and coastal parts of the county complement each other in the county's gastronomic offer, which is a combination of Dinaric and Mediterranean traditions. Among the meat dishes, lamb from Lika and Pag, served on a spit or under the oven, and prosciutto are well-known. Fish lovers can choose between seafood delicacies or the famous gack trout. Potatoes and cabbage from Lika are an excellent accompaniment to meat and fish. Gourmets will especially be delighted by the rich selection of cheeses: Pag, Velebit, Krasnar, Skripavac and Bassa.According to tradition, homemade brandy is drunk before the meal: šljivovica, smrikovača or loji, and the meal ends with simple home-made sweets  so called –“ščipki or frituli”.

The Perfect Place to Unwind

The island of Pag is about 60 kilometers long, 2 to 9.25 kilometers wide and has the longest coastline among the Adriatic islands. About 84 km of its coast are made up of pebble and sandy beaches. Novalja is known for its beautiful beaches in its immediate vicinity: Zrće, Caska, Babe, Trinćel and Brančevica. Zrće Beach is recognized all over the world as one of the favorite destinations for young people, which is visited by over half a million tourists from more than 80 different countries during the summer season. The only European hip-hop festival on the beach, Fresh Island, will take place this summer for the fourth year in a row at the most popular party destination in Croatia, Zrće beach.

In addition to the sea and the coast, the Lika-Senj County stands out for its exceptional abundance of freshwater. Zavale Lika, Gacka and Krbava between Velebit, Kapela and Plješivica are a natural collection point for drinking water. The most brilliant example of such a creative symbiosis of stone and water on karst is undoubtedly the Plitvice Lakes, the oldest Croatian national park and natural monument on the UNESCO World Heritage List.