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Istria - Life as it should be

Here in Istria, more so than almost any destination you could visit in the region, we live in harmony with nature. This ethos helps to showcase our region as a year-round destination. 'Life as it should be' is our motto. And whichever time of year you visit our beautiful peninsula, you will be able to take part in a traditional, healthy and sustainable way of life, one governed by seasons which provide a bounty of globally- recognized produce. Autumn shows Istria at its best; the weather is good, and the sea is still warm enough to swim in, it coincides with harvest time, the arrival of the year's new truffles and the start of the hunting season. Each season Istria has its own cultural calendar, from famous film and music festivals to time-honored food celebrations. Our major international airport in Pula adds new routes year upon year. Over 70 European destinations including London, Paris and Frankfurt are connected by direct flights to Pula, positioning Istria as an attractive and easy getaway for visitors from all over the world. It's never been easier to visit Istria. At whatever time you arrive, you won't fail to fall in love with 'Life as it should be'.


Our crystal-clear Adriatic offers up the most exquisite, fresh seafood, providing much of the Mediterranean-style diet we consume. From our continental side, the spectacular hilltop towns of Istria and the terraces of vineyards and olive groves give us award-winning wines and olive oils. Famous too are our rich black and white truffles and fine cheeses, both of which stem from the same beloved terrain and terroir as our wines and olives. Istrian gastronomy reflects the historical, geo- graphical and climate features of the peninsula, and combines various traditions of local cuisine based on indigenous plants, aromatic spices, seasonal vegetables, seafood, and olive oil.

Look behind the smile of your Istrian host and you’ll find an open invitation to discover and taste the true characteristics of this blue-green paradise, products of diligent work and a natural environment that attracts with its beauty and living history, seen in every stone and field.


Beat the crowds by visiting in springtime, walking down romantic, cobbled streets unfettered by fellow tourists, or arrive in the summertime so the family can take advantage of our beautiful beaches, clean sea and dependable sunshine. Whether you choose hidden coves with white pebbles, small or larger bays, or rocky sundrenched fragrant reefs, the pure and intact Istrian beaches are true wonders of nature. Though it has always been easier to capture them in paintings than describe them in words, you just have to think about them, and the sight will emerge before your eyes.

While the sun is at its zenith and the maestral wind (landward breeze) blows lightly over the pine-trees while its branches yearn for the azure of the high seas, you can leisurely sprawl on a warm white rock in a hidden cove enjoying the sound of cicadas. Run your fingers through the pebbles sparkling under the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic, while your lungs fill with fragrances of the Mediterranean. Here, time is irrelevant. Enjoy the peacefulness of infinity that can only be interrupted by a sea gull or some small boat just spreading its sails somewhere in the distance. Surrounded by the fullness of scent, flavor and summer noises, you will jump from a rock deep into the blue sea and rise to the surface among the fireworks of the flaming red sunset... Sounds unreal? This is only the beginning.

Sports activities full of adrenaline

If you like cycling or walking through the beautiful nature, now it’s the right time to plan you're active vacation in Istria. If you are an adrenaline activities fan, explore Istria on the quad, in a kayak, or try paragliding and explore Istria from another angle.

Istria offers everything you need for your perfect vacation: rich history, sports activities, gastronomic pleasures and picturesque small towns. If you are a historical heritage fan, you must visit Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč which is listed on the UNESCO world’s cultural heritage list The picturesque towns are waiting for your visit - Motovun, Grožnjan, Labin, ...... You can enjoy the spectacular view of the typical Istrian landscape from the hill and peak of each town and you will have the opportunity to try local products and enjoy the peace and tranquility of picturesque destinations in the Istrian inland.

You won't make a mistake if you decide to visit family wineries and extra virgin olive oil producers! They will show you their passion towards wine and olive oil production and tradition of preserving the traditional Istrian sorts.

Jump into the miraculous world of the islands of Brijuni – (National Park)

Discover the most impressive historical monument of Istria more than two thousand years old. Visit the Arena and experience for a moment the life of ancient Pula. Do not miss the open-air film projections, the concerts of world music stars or the fierce gladiator fights.