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Camping destinations in Istria

Welcome to Istria, a paradise peninsula for your camping experience. Lovers of nature and active holidays will quickly get used to the local way of life, because, in Istria, people strive to live in harmony with nature, respecting its cycles. Istria's "Life as it should be" motto confirms it is a year-round holiday destination. No matter in which season you decide to visit, you are in for an experience of a traditional, healthy, and sustainable life.

Although Istria shows its splendor in summer, Autumn is a great time to visit and enjoy its fruits. The Mediterranean climate on the coast gives mild September and October temperatures, and the sea is still warm enough to enjoy lighter beach days. Autumn season in Istria is essential for the locals as it marks the beginning of grapes and olive harvest and the new season of white truffles.

Life in Istria is never dull. Each season has its own cultural calendar, from international wine exhibitions in Spring, famous film, and music festivals in Summer to prosciutto and truffle fairs in Autumn.

Istria is an attractive and easy getaway for travelers from all over the world. Over 70 European destinations, including London, Paris, and Frankfurt, are connected by direct flights to the peninsula's main international Pula airport.

Whenever you arrive, you won't fail to fall in love with 'Life as it should be'.


The gastronomy in Istria can be characterized as a Mediterranean-style diet reflecting the historical, geographical, and climate features of the peninsula. The local specialties combine various Istrian cuisine traditions based on indigenous plants, aromatic spices, seasonal vegetables, seafood, and olive oil.

The Adriatic sea offers up the most exquisite, fresh seafood while from the continental side, terraces of vineyards and olive groves give award-winning wines and renowned olive oils. Istria prides in white and black truffles, top quality prosciutto and dry-cured meat products, and fine cheeses.

While coastal restaurants mostly offer fresh seafood specialties and Mediterranean cuisine, Istria's inland is known for taverns and agritourisms and more traditional meat dishes. Look behind the smile of your Istrian host, you'll find an open invitation to discover and taste the true characteristics of the peninsula's traditional cuisine.


Whether you choose hidden coves with white pebbles, small or larger bays or rocky sundrenched fragrant reefs, the pure and intact Istrian beaches are true wonders of nature. Ideal for family holidays, most of the beaches in Istria are kid-friendly and offer great shades of surrounding pine trees, emitting scents of the authentic Mediterranean. With its crystal clear sea, excellent maintenance, and fun watersport activities, many beaches in Istria are awarded the Blue Flag as a sign of recognition. The peak summer months of June, July, and August are the best ones to visit Istria and fully enjoy fabulous beaches and nature. Visit in late Spring or early Autumn if you want to enjoy your holiday with fewer crowds.

Sport and Activities

Istria offers everything you need for your perfect vacation: rich history, sports activities, gastronomic pleasures, and picturesque small towns.

Jump into the miraculous world of the Brijuni National park and explore its two main islands. Historical and cultural heritage admirers can explore the Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč, listed on the UNESCO world's cultural heritage list, or wander around the most impressive monument in Istria - the thousand-year-old Pula Arena, a remarkably well-preserved Roman colosseum. Do not miss the open-air film projections, the concerts of world music stars, or the fierce gladiator fights in Pula Arena.

Istrian inland is famous for numerous picturesque hilltop towns - each of them hiding their unique tale. Visit Motovun, Grožnjan, Oprtalj, Labin - enjoy the spectacular view of the typical Istrian landscape from the hill and peak of each town. You will have the opportunity to try local products and enjoy the peace and tranquility of these picturesque gems hidden deep in the heart of Istria. For an authentic experience, visit local family-run wineries and extra virgin olive oil producers!

Istria is a great destination for cycling and hiking lovers who will enjoy an invigorating active holiday. Adrenaline lovers can explore the peninsula on the quad, in a kayak, or try paragliding and explore Istria from another angle.

Istria Attractions - The memorable camping experience

Istria, the most prominent peninsula on the Croatian coastline, has a myriad of natural and cultural attractions best experienced through numerous outdoor kid-friendly activities.

Visit Brijuni National Park or spend the day relaxing in the healing nature of Cape Kamenjak. Admire the Lim fjord and its long valley that extends to central Istria, where you will find one of the most majestic examples of karst formations in Istria: the Pazin cave. Central Istria has countless hidden waterfalls flowing into emerald lakes.

Make your holiday an enlightening one: Istria has an incredible number of cultural monuments dating from ancient to medieval times. The most notable ones from the Roman period are the Pula Arena, the Temple of Augustus, and the Euphrasian Basilica. The inland has many medieval hilltop towns with preserved fortified castles and defense city walls. A significant number of churches in Istria have precious medieval fresco paintings, the most celebrated one is the church of St. Mary on the Rocks in Beram.

Explore Istria's rich cultural heritage and enjoy its breathtaking natural attractions!