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Camping destinations in Split region

With the stunning Diocletian's palace in Split, UNESCO city of Trogir, remarkable landscapes of Biokovo Mountain and Zlatni Rat beach on the island of Brač, Split County is a paradise summer destination in Croatia. The intended coastline with hundreds of small islets, picturesque coves, and legendary beaches makes this region a bliss for all nature lovers and adventure seekers.

The magic of Split was discovered centuries ago... In AD 305, the world's most powerful man, Emperor Diocletian, was faced with deciding where to spend the rest of his days. Of all of the known world, he chose to build his home in the heart of the region of Dalmatia, setting the first stones in place for the future city of Split.

Explore the majestic Diocletian's Palace or squeeze through the smallest street in the world and find yourself at the legendary Split beach Bačvice. There, you will witness locals in their authentic environment - playing picigin, a traditional Split ball game! Visit the historical UNESCO city of Trogir, and admire centuries-old preserved monuments that attract millions of visitors. Get lost in the maze of cobblestone streets of old towns and witness authentic Dalmatian life happening right in front of you. Split is a unique region, home to breathtaking islands, and a wealth of culture that will stay deeply embedded in your memory.


The geographical richness of Split-Dalmatia County is closely related to the wealth of its gastronomy. You will find numerous taverns eagerly waiting to take each guest through the Dalmatian authentic story of excellent cuisine and wine. The gastronomical character of this area is a contradiction; the past, traditional flavors blended with the creative contemporary cuisine.

Explore the region's inland to try the most exquisite meat dishes under the baking lid, paired with the region's homemade red wines. Make a plate of authentic dried prosciutto and cheese your entrée for this continental feast. Small towns on the islands of Split-Dalmatia county will win you over with family-run restaurants. Try the octopus under the lid combined with potatoes spiced up with aromatic Mediterranean herbs.

Restaurants in bigger cities like Trogir or Split will spoil your palates with contemporary cuisine based on a mix of various cultural influences. Savor high-quality seafood stews, pasta or risottos, and crown them with award-winning wine from the local producer.

To get to the core of Dalmatian cuisine, try Pašticada, a slow-cooked sweet and sour beef stew. The secret ingredients of a good Pašticada can vary from one chef to another, and the recipes are kept in the family. The process of cooking of Pašticada is taken religiously, and so is eating it.

Active holiday

Split is a fantastic area to explore through sport and outdoor activities. Everyone can find the experience that suits them best. Whether it is island-hopping on Pakleni islands near Hvar, hiking the Biokovo mountain, or enjoying the legendary sandy beach Zlatni rat, you are bound to have a good time. The famous Blue Cave on Biševo islet is fantastic for diving and exploring the exciting underwater world of the Adriatic.

If you visit the Split area at the beginning of August, make sure to stop at Sinj, and enjoy the hundreds of years old knights Sinjska alka tournament. Sinjska alka is a knight’s equestrian competition. Horse riders, at full gallop and holding an almost three-meter long pole, aim at an iron ring (alka), which hangs on a rope across the race track. During the Sinjska alka tournament, inhabitants of Sinj proudly live their tradition, which is listed under UNESCO world non-material heritage list.