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Kvarner region

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Camping destinations in Kvarner

Your dream family holiday begins in Kvarner, a popular tourist resort with a 150-years old history. Once a famous holiday resort for Austro-Hungarian royals, today the Kvarner region is a stand-out Mediterranean holiday destination.

From the sea to the sky, this diverse region will move you from sea level to the clouds in mere steps. Wind your way between sunny islands or visit Opatija, with its leafy parks and long seafront promenade. The landscape soon shifts entirely upon arriving in the wooded and mountainous region of Gorski Kotar. Known as 'the lungs' of Croatia, Gorski Kotar area is a natural habitat to protected species of eagles, bears, and wolves and an appealing place to hikers and cyclists who enjoy the pure air. Dare to join them!


Thanks to the Mediterranean and maritime influences, the cuisine of the coastal area (Primorje) is based on fish, shellfish, crabs, mollusks, lamb, pasta, Mediterranean fruit and vegetables, spices, olives and olive oil, chestnuts (maruni) and wine, while the cuisine of the mountainous area (Gorje) is based on game, milk and cheese, meat and mushrooms, frogs, snails, freshwater fish, vegetables, especially potatoes and cabbage, wild fruit and spices, as well as hard liquors, brandy (rakija), juniper brandy (brinjevac) and honey brandy (medovača or medica).


The most beautiful beaches in Kvarner carry a Blue Flag, a symbol of a preserved, safe and pleasant environment intended for vacation, entertainment and recreation, high-quality service, cleanliness of the sea and the coast, and the beach marina maintenance level.

Kvarner's most significant values are its beaches, preserved environment, and clean sea, ideal for families with children who want peaceful vacations. Find a beach that suits your preferences: maintained or natural, large or small, rocky, pebble, sand, hidden... Kvarner beaches are well known to naturists as well, who consider the ones on the islands on Cres, Krk, Lošinj, and Rab ideal.

Active holiday

The Rijeka Hiking Transversal, the Kapela Hiking Trail, the hiking trail called Around the Torches of Rijeka, and the Gorski Kotar Mountain Trail are four exciting hiking routes. The first two connect different coastal and inland destinations, the third connects the islands, the coastal region, and the inland, and the fourth passes through exciting areas of Gorski Kotar. Departure locations are conveniently accessible by car.

There is a rich offer for those opting for less demanding trails as well. A vibrant network of maintained walkways on the islands, across the coastal area, and the mountains attracts with beauty and the wealth of different experiences and sights it offers. Characterized by various difficulty levels, these walkways combine the wish for being active with the natural, cultural, historical, entertainment, and other amenities. Enjoyment is guaranteed!

Kvarner is a region distinguished by an exceptionally dynamic past and a rich heritage of significance to the entire country. Explore precious historical and cultural treasures of the area. Learn all about Bašćanska ploča, a historical tablet, and the most essential document of Glagolitic writers and Croatian literacy. Get to know Vinodoloski zakonik law codex and the history of the Frankopan family. Seek for the precious items preserved at the Franciscan Monastery on Košljun, or admire Apoxiomen, an ancient Greek athlete bronze statue housed in Mali Lošinj

There is a myriad of possibilities and exciting ways to get acquainted with the cultural identity of Kvarner and become richer for knowing something new and valuable about Kvarner's, Croatian's, as well as world cultural heritage.

Kvarner Attractions

Camping in the Kvarner region is an excellent choice for families with children looking for an active holiday! Throughout history, Kvarner Gulf was a favorite holiday destination for Austro-Hungarian royals. Today stands out as a Mediterranean summer destination with breathtaking nature, vibrant city centers, impressive cultural heritage, and countless beaches.

The most attractive city spots in the Kvarner region are Rijeka's vibrant Korzo promenade and Opatija's romantic seaside promenade Lungomare, perfect for relaxing walks and sunset watching.

Islands of Krk, Cres, Lošinj, and Rab with their intended coastlines have many private beaches with pristine water and remarkable old towns with unbelievable cultural and historical heritage.

Mountaineering lovers can enjoy hiking trails of Učka Nature Park and Risnjak National Park and admire unforgettable views and incredible nature.