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Experiencing Dalmatia Like a Local: Best Šibenik Attractions

Take a look at our list of its best attractions and start experiencing Dalmatia like a true local
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With its two UNESCO monuments, charming old town streets, nearby unique islands, and many family activities, the great city of Šibenik will not cease to amaze as a holiday camping destination in Croatia. Are you currently on or soon-to-be camping in Šibenik Take a look at our list of its best attractions and start experiencing Dalmatia like a true local.

Tune into the local way of life and take an unbothered slow stroll through Šibenik's stone-paved streets. Don't forget to stop by at a local patisserie or a coffee shop, as Croatians are big coffee lovers, and roaming with a good cup is mandatory.

Stop by at the most famed Šibenik attraction, St. James Cathedral built between the 15th and 16th centuries. The cathedral is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the most beautiful architectural achievements in Croatia.

Located on a strategic maritime position, Šibenik has four impressive fortresses that were once used to guide the city from unwanted enemy attacks: St. John Fortress, St. Nicholas, Fortress Barone, and St. Michael Fortress. St. Nicholas fortress, being a UNESCO world heritage, should definitely be on your Šibenik tourist attractions' list, but make sure to visit at least one during sunset and enjoy the views that will leave you in awe.

Croatia is famous for its several National Parks, Parks of Nature, and protected natural reserves that should all go on your Šibenik attractions list.

While staying in Šibenik, be sure two visit the nearby two - the Krka waterfalls, a surreal scenery of naturally created cascades with flowing emerald green waters, and the Kornati islands, a national park with rich maritime wildlife and immense blue waters. Take your time to explore the beauties of this area, and during that time look for accommodation in Camp Adriatic which is located on one of the most beautiful parts of the Adriatic coast

When the active Mediterranean life gets too much, break away from the city's buzz, and experience the one unique Šibenik attraction - the island life. With many hidden, private islands offering a quiet relaxing break, it's a tough choice to choose one.

Easily reached from the mainland through a bridge, the island of Murter will give you the authentic Dalmatian island life. Famous for its fishing tradition and excellent local gastronomy, the island is a private paradise for anyone looking to experience the real thing.

Our Camping Jezera Lovišća on the island offers the camping experience in Dalmatian style!

Experiencing the rich underwater life while on an island hopping or sailing tour is fun, but learning all about its peculiarities is the top kids' attraction in Šibenik.

Located in the old town core, nearly 50 meters from St. James' cathedral, it is settled in a unique Dalmatian-style stone house. As an interactive visual and educational attraction, it will also be a memorable one for your youngest.

Šibenik - what a treat for a camping family holiday. Its numerous natural, cultural and experience attractions make it a lively gem of the middle Adriatic. Do you want to have an authentic experience?

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Photo credit: Damir Fabijanic, Unsplash, Pixabay