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Hvar Island and Town of Hvar

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Camping destinations on the Island of Hvar

Welcome to Hvar, the essence of the Mediterranean. With more than 2700 hours of sun per year and astonishing nature, Hvar is the crown jewel of tourist destinations in Croatia. Numerous beaches surrounded by pine trees infused with Mediterranean scents make Hvar a favorite camping destination. Camp Vira campsite is within easy reach from Hvar town.

Hvar beaches will suit anyone's needs. You can choose between pebble, sandy or rocky. Dubovica, Lučišće, and Zaraće are just some of the most popular beaches on the island, perfect for unlimited sunbathing and swimming. The beaches in Hvar's surroundings are amazing, too! Book a daily tour of Pakleni otoci, a group of 11 stunning islands near Hvar, and swim in the most crystal clear sea, or have a family adventure of diving and snorkeling.

Hvar is not all about the beaches. It has remarkably preserved historical heritage and impressive monuments, best demonstrated through a tour with a local guide. The island has a rich gastronomical offer of local traditional cuisine, but what you don't want to miss is Hvar's specific wines.

Camping in the dreamy turquoise blue

With its cobblestone streets, lively main square, and hilltop fortresses with majestic views, Hvar town is an unforgettable experience of the authentic Mediterranean. Fantastic beaches with hidden coves and turquoise blue waters around Hvar town place it at the top of Croatian camping for family and couples.

For memorable beach days, explore the ones in the surroundings, and find your private paradise for sunbathing, swimming, or enjoying shades of pine trees. The underwater world of Hvar's coast and the nearby Pakleni islands will amaze diving and snorkeling fans.

Experience the vibrant life on the St. Stephen's square, the largest of its kind in the Dalmatia region, or explore the maze of the old town's streets. Climb up to the top of Hvar's fortress Fortica and gaze at the stunning view stretching to Pakleni islands.

Find your perfect spot at one of many Hvar's promenade cocktail bars or restaurants and watch the sun go down over a delicious dinner or a glass of wine. Hvar is meant to be enjoyed with all senses.