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Even though campsites are changing a lot, Croatia is a true camping space and, especially with young families, is becoming increasingly popular for spending a great holiday there. In Croatia, we have experienced how different the campsites can be there.

Croatia has become THE destination for many families. We have also set out this summer to discover the holiday paradise with our caravan. Many fascinating beaches and especially beautiful landscapes are waiting to be discovered in Croatia. We explored different regions and campsites in holiday paradise.

The choice here is really huge, because there are over 500 campsites in various categories and price ranges in Croatia. Istria, the Croatian peninsula in the north, which can be reached in a short time from Germany, offers a lot of big campsites. Here you have everything in one place and get a lot of entertainment.

Although the small family-run campsites are unfortunately becoming extinct and are increasingly being replaced by large resorts, there is still the right campsite for every taste. Most of the larger campsites offer, in addition to normal pitches for tents, caravans or campers, the possibility of “camping” in mobile homes or large, fully equipped tents. Croatia offers many opportunities to spend the day with some culture in a small village, or be entertained in a leisure or water park.

Although the weather in the summer months is mostly beautiful and you can spend most of the time outside, we also had one or the other rainy day to bridge it. We have passed the time with a visit to the aquarium or museum, which really also have very moderate entrance fees. And of course it is always worth a visit to one of the eight national parks, because Croatia offers beautiful landscapes, many hiking trails and of course a lot of crystal clear sea that invites you to snorkel.
Croatia is one of the few European countries where you still pay in their own currency and not in euros. Changing or raising money is possible everywhere without any problems. You can also pay by credit card in any small town or village.

The most beautiful campsites in Croatia - we have tested them for you

All Croatian campsites that we have tested for you in the summer of 2019 together with the portal “Top Camping Croatia” you can find on the blog:

Here you can also read in detail what the individual campsites have to offer and how we liked it there.

Julia Hennicke