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Reasons why camping is good for you!

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Everyone experiences the word camping differently. Every last one of us has a different term of what camping means to him and what do we personally expect from camping.

What is camping? It can be said that camping is a lifestyle of a person who loves nature and who wants to spend their time in it.

Comfort and accommodation possibilities are crucial when it comes to choosing a camp. Croatian camps are offering huge amounts of content. They are becoming „Hotel in nature“ with contents that can be found in real hotels, but now with the touch of nature.

That is why camping is becoming more and more popular all year round. Some of croatian camps are open during the whole year so people can experience the charm of camping in all 4 seasons.

Did you know that camping has many benefits for your health? It has a positive influence on physical and mental conditions for you and your kids.

Influence on health:

1. Camping helps you get rid of your problems

Sometimes, It may present a challenge for you. But those challenges are nothing compared to ones we face in our lives because of the environment and community we are in.

Besides all that, camping often gives you a touch with experiences you have never had before but you have always wanted to do. There are many researches that indicate that getting through new challenges and gaining new experiences can keep our brain safe because it forces us to think about ourselves. It can boost our confidence and happiness.

2. Camping has positive influence on kids and their development

In the times of all modern technology camping the optimal solution. It brings kids into a whole new world and it requires skills for solving problems and challenges.

Exposure to the new challenges not only keeps the child's brain healthy but it also has a big possibility for learning new things.

3. Camping has good influence on our sleep

Researchers have found that camping can reset our biological clock and help people who struggle to sleep at night or wake up in the morning.

The reason is increased use of the artificial light in everyday life. Good sleep is the key factor of keeping our bodies healthy and safe.

4. Camping increases the vitamin D intake

Today's world is mainly all about working for 8 hours in a closed environment such as factories or working with computers.

Swimming and spending your time in the Sun means more vitamin D and more benefits for us. Exposing ourselves to the Sun is connected by many treasures for mental health, like mood improvements.

5. Camping results more moving and exercising

As it was written in a previous blog, while camping you can explore new environments, tour the parks, ride a bike etc.

This increased physical activity has an infinite number of physical and mental benefits. That includes fighting against health problems and improving energy levels.

However, that isn't just connected with camping. Wherever you choose your holiday, spend as much time in nature as you possibly can, let your imagination guide you.

6. Camping makes us happy

Camping always improves our mood. Everything is connected with serotonin hormone that our body produces to make us feel happy.

Some of the factors that are helping our body produce serotonin: more sunlight and increased physical activity. You will obtain both of those factors while you go camping.


People love freedom. In the last few years the need for freedom is more and more expressed. Camping is good for many people because it relieves stress, improves mood and makes us happy.

Camping makes life beautiful and changes the tempo of life. For example, it takes way more time to make a cup of coffee, shower and to do many other things. What is your conclusion? You are thinking differently then you are at home, you don't work at the same pace, you are slowed down and because of that you can enjoy every moment.

Camping is exactly that- enjoying tiny moments that make our life more beautiful. Picking up the rocks, setting up the fire, taking pictures in nature etc., and all that without the pressure of thoughts that we should be productive.

Camping leads us to slow down, be more careful and live every moment. Camping encourages us to be grateful. During camping we are meeting with challenges that are different from the ones we see in everyday life and at home. Because of that, after we get back from camping, we appreciate our home and all the possibilities it gives us.

Although it's modest, our home becomes an asylum that gives us all the things we needed but didn't have when we were camping (hot running water, waiting to shower in the same bathroom, safety from heavy rains and wind etc.

Planning the camping is fun. Deciding where to go is always fun and it helps to relieve stress levels. Searching for an ideal location may seem hard at the moment, but it can also be interesting because of exploring new locations, surrounding areas or the camp only. Exploring something new, interesting, hidden, secret and beautiful is the right path to joy and all the charms of camping.

Camping gives you the opportunity to explore and visit new places. Exploring and finding joy in the natural world is something that can't get old. The key is to find that lost feeling of joy you had as a child. Greeting with friends and family. The whole term of balance between work and private life is sometimes hardly possible. That is why camping is a rare opportunity for you to spend time surrounded by the people you love.

Enjoying the conversation with other tourists. Campers are a friendly community. It is a real joy to participate in random chatting and learning about other languages and cultures. They offer help to each other and give advice on how to do something in certain situations, especially the ones with a lot of experience.

Time for „signing out”. Camping sometimes means leaving the phone and all the connections with the outside world aside. Although the Internet is nowadays available almost everywhere, and most of the camps have it, we suggest you to let go of that phone and enjoy nature. Holiday without the phone is the type of holiday where you can recharge your batteries and hang out with your loved ones, right?

Look up in the sky. Camping is an exception for you to run away from light pollution and enjoy the starry night sky. You can watch clouds as they float and birds flying beneath them.

Although camps are getting more and more modern, and spending time in nature is becoming a luxury type of holiday, we think that you should choose something new and different- let yourself go in nature and taste the charm of camping.