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The best camping destinations in Croatia

Tips and tricks for your camping adventure
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In doubt about how to choose the one among the best camping places in Croatia? This blog will give you tips and tricks for your camping adventure !

Pomer bay near Pula

Just a few kilometers from Pula city in Istria, there are two campsites in the beautiful Pomer bay. Known for favorable winds and therefore ideal for windsurfing fans, the Pomer bay has many hidden pebble and stone beaches.

Arena One 99 Glamping

For a more luxurious camping experience, set your eyes on one of the many Arena One 99 Glamping tents with state-of-the-art facilities for a pleasant experience. There are seven other accommodation types suitable for 6 to 8 people.

Arena Grand Kažela Campsite

A two-kilometer pebble and stone beach with a secluded naturist area makes Arena Grand Kažela Campsite a natural oasis and one of the best camping places in Croatia. As one of the largest campsites in Croatia, it offers a range of accommodation options, including an ecologically built camping home!

Plitvice Lakes camping

The beautiful Lika region in Croatia will quickly become one of the favorites and best camping places in Croatia. Why is that so? Even without the sea, the Lika region has so much to offer in terms of nature and relaxation. The experience of camping in a destination close to the mountains (yet close enough to the sea, if you want to take a swim) gives multiple options to explore the breathtaking nature and enjoy active days. The clear air, water, and untouched nature of the Lika region and its many natural beauties are too good of a deal for a camping experience.

So, what to visit and where to stay in Lika? Avoid the crowds of seaside camping and choose between Plitvice Holiday Resort and Camping Plitvice, which offer many attractive accommodation options.

Camping Plitvice Holiday Resort

Camping Plitvice Holiday Resort next to the Plitvice Lakes National Park is the perfect combination of a relaxing camping resort and an active holiday option. You can choose between attractive mobile houses, popular tipi tents, and dream-like lake houses and make your active holiday agenda: trail running, trekking, mountaineering, rafting, and many more.

Camping Plitvice

Only a few steps from Plitvice Lakes National Park, enjoy the quiet of Camping Plitvice - a campsite with many accommodation options for an intimate rest.

Šibenik area

Island hopping through the most spectacular archipelago or hiking in the stunning nature near waterfalls proclaimed a National Park? In Šibenik, you can do both. This coastal area in Dalmatia is known for its many natural attractions but also rich cultural heritage. A camping adventure in the Šibenik area is nonetheless a memorable one!

Although a bit distanced from Šibenik, Camping Park Soline is an excellent base for exploring the area. Settled in the close vicinity of Biograd na moru, it has no less than four national parks in its surroundings:

• Kornati National Park

• Krka National Park

• Velebit National Park

• Plitvice Lakes National Park

Camping Park Soline

Camping Park Soline offers a few accommodation options, all ideal for enjoying the nature within the campsite: the thick pine trees and their shades and the pebble beaches in the bay.

In need of a city crowd, visit the beautiful Šibenik and explore its many fortresses and monument attractions - the city has much to offer to a culture lover.

Hvar island of sun

The magnificent island of Hvar is always a good idea as one of the best camping places in Croatia. With more than 2500 sunny hours per year, Hvar is an ideal destination for everyone who loves sunbathing in beautiful yet private coves. Hvar can be quite packed with tourists, as it is a popular summer destination, but still, there are less crowded campsites scattered across the island.

Camp Vira

One of them is Camp Vira, settled in the close vicinity of Hvar city. Protected by a natural cove providing privacy, it is a supreme combination of natural greenery, pine trees, and a clear open sea. You can choose between pitches and mobile homes and enjoy this 4-star campsite on the sunniest island in Croatia.

Čiovo island

As the largest island of the Trogir archipelago, Čiovo stands out and charms you away. The first and foremost is that the island is conveniently connected to the mainland of Trogir by a bridge, so it's a quick trip to the island and back whenever you need a bit of crowd and a city stroll or island peace.

Čiovo island lures you with its charming beaches and many local taverns where you can taste authentic Dalmatian cuisine - we recommend trying sea delicacies.

Camp Labadusa

Where to stay on Čiovo island? For an unspoiled nature experience, pick Camp Labadusa, settled in a picturesque bay of pebble and rocky beaches. This campsite offers pitches and mobile homes to enjoy nature. An excellent restaurant offers local dishes you can complement with excellent Dalmatian wines and olive oil.

Camping Rožac

Another great option is staying at Camping Rožac on the island of Čiovo. This charming campsite offers mostly pitches and mobile homes next to a beautiful bay of the clear sea, ideal for a quiet holiday even in Spring and Autumn.

Have you already decided on your favorite of these magnificent five destinations? This blog should help you pick the best camping places in Croatia and discover the best fit. Choose between camping near Plitvice Lakes, the sunny island of Hvar, or the charming island of Čiovo. Make a real National Parks tour by staying near Šibenik or have a windsurfing holiday in the Pomer bay near Pula. Check out many other Top Camping Croatia campsites, or reach out at