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Island of Cres

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Camping destinations on the Island of Cres

Situated in the Kvarner Gulf, Cres island is an attractive Mediterranean destination for a family holiday. The long intended coast of Cres has numerous secluded bays and coves ideal for enjoying long uninterrupted beach days. With renowned eco-campsites like Camping Kovačine, Cres is among the best camping locations in Croatia.

The charming island with the most astonishing coastline has many hilltop towns with often hidden, fascinating nearby beaches. Although they are not always easily accessible, visiting them is always worth the struggle. The most prominent fishermen and hilltop villages to visit are Lubenice, Valun, Martinšćica, Beli and Cres town.

Cres is a popular destination for nature lovers, climbers, hikers, and trekkers. You can experience the island's dense vegetation, impressive panoramas, and whimsical nature through many hiking and climbing trails.

The biggest attraction on Cres is the freshwater Vrana lake in the central part of the island.