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Island of Krk

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Camping destinations on the Island of Krk

Welcome to the golden island of Krk. The biggest island on the Adriatic is also the most northwestern in the Kvarner Gulf. Krk is a winning combination of vital coastline with popular destinations such as Baška, Punat, Omišalj, and Njivice with top camping locations like Atea Premium Camping Resort (ex Njivice) and campsite Omišalj.

The island's coastline destinations are ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling and the kid-friendly beaches of Krk offer a lot of fun activities. Those in need of a private holiday can escape to the rural part of the island and arrange local tours to taste Krk's famed cheese, olive oil, and honey.

As an active holiday destination, Krk has many cycling and hiking trails suitable for family adventures that will completely rejuvenate and restore one's health. The real gem of Krk island is the healing mud in Klimno bay.