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Island of Pag

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Camping destinations on the Island of Pag

Welcome to Pag island! Enjoy this pearl of middle Adriatic famous for its moonlike landscapes and shallow sea lagoons.

Although primarily known as a party destination, Pag is also a place for a stellar holiday. Camping Šimuni on the southern part of the island has a variety of sandy and pebbly beaches where you can find your private cove to enjoy a quiet holiday with your family. Pets are welcome to join you!

Pag island offers excellent local gastronomy. The island's signature product is the must-try cheese Paški sir, which is also an authentic local souvenir to bring from your holiday in Croatia. Make sure to try Pag's authentic local lamb, Paška janjetina, and tuck in into some seriously tasty local meat dish.

Due to its rocky terrains, Pag is famous for its moonlike landscapes. You can explore this unique landscape on the so-called Moon Trail hike.

Pag town - Discover Pag, the town of lace and salt

The principal town on the island of the same name, Pag, is a gem to discover. The numerous pebble and sandy beaches in the nearby Šimuni camping site are ideal for a kid-friendly and pet-friendly summer vacation in Croatia.

The very well preserved medieval town of Pag is famous for two things: salt production and Pag lace, a unique type of lacework. You can learn about both in Pag's Town museum at Page Lace Gallery and Salt exhibition. The old town has a well-known cultural attraction - the 15th century Rector's palace.

When visiting Pag town, make sure to enjoy a glass of wine over a Pag cheese plate at local bars, or try Pag lamb, a real, local specialty.

Four attractive national parks are in Pag town's close vicinity, so it is an ideal active holiday and camping destination.