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Camping destinations in Pakoštane

Welcome to the authentic Dalmatia. The small municipality of Pakoštane in Zadar county is an ideal camping destination for families looking for a holiday in an authentic picturesque town. The nearby Camping Kozarica site is just a stroll away from Pakoštane's center.

Pakoštane is a peaceful municipality with the spirit of the local authentic Dalmatian sea life. Nestled right between Vrana Lake and the open sea, it offers a sweet and salty combination of outdoor family activities.

Enjoy the views over the nearby islets of Pakoštane, or visit them in an organized daily boat trip and swim in the most transparent shallow waters of pebble and sandy beaches.

The majestic Lake Vrana has an intertwined web of educational hiking trails under the joint title of Sweet and Salty adventures that will teach you about the rich biodiversity and fantastic nature of the lake and its surroundings.